"Their ministry is profound and simple. It’s Kingdom truths wrapped in stories. I’ve been amazed at the profound mysteries of the Gospel that the Hobart’s work reveals, laughed out loud at their comedy, and remembered the message."

"They do not simply act out stories, but they have been anointed to visually share the mystries of God. I know that you will be moved, laugh, weep, and be pointed to the heart of God through their minstiry."
"I have seen the SonChaser mimes in action in both schools and churches. They have always been committed to both artistic excellence as well as conveying a message that touches, inspires and challenges lives. They manage to do this in a way that is stimulating and attention grabbing to both teenagers and adults."
"Chris and Chrystal are highly effective in communicating God's truth to all ages through their mime ministry. The power of God's Word incarnated through skillfull movement...You will love them!"

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